Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program

*3-Day VPK students will eat lunch with their class from 1pm to 2pm. 
5-Day VPK have the option to enroll in a Lunch Option program. See Add-On Programs and/or contact Mrs. Wendy for more details. 

Program Program Days Program Hours
3-Day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00a -2:00p
5-Day Monday – Friday 9:00a -12:10p



Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)

Program Information

The VPK Program is funded by the State of Florida and is free to all participants who qualify by age and residency. The State reimburses TLC at the rate of $4.54 per instructional hour and there are 540 hours in each program. Visit the  Community Coordinated Care for Children  or  Early Learning Coalition of Orange County  websites for more program description, links and instructions for applying, eligibility requirements, etc.

VPK students are preparing for Kindergarten by improving the social and academic skills necessary for success.  Area schools consistently report that children who complete VPK at The Learning Center are some of the best prepared students in their kindergarten programs.  

In the TLC VPK classes, learning focus expands on previous years by including:

  • Extended letter and sound recognition for pre-reading skills
  • Various group and center activities focusing on number and math concepts
  • Small motor skills such as pattern cutting, tracing, name writing, etc.
  • Circle time activities such as days of the week, months, seasons, weather, etc.
  • Kinder-gym and Music are offered weekly
  • Field trips and in-house presentations are scheduled throughout the year
  • Students attend Chapel twice per month




The VPK children are assessed 3 times/year beginning in September. This a state requirement and you will be notified of the results via a parent letter published through the VPK Bright Beginnings website.

The second assessment is completed in January. While this is not a required assessment, we at TLC prefer to use this assessment to see accomplishments and schedule parent conferences to show the improvements or discuss areas that still may need attention.

The final assessment is in April/May of the school year and you will receive a final parent letter with those results as well as a comparison of the assessments from throughout the year.




Tardiness: Please make every effort to be on time each morning so your child may receive the best benefit possible in the VPK program.

Some teachers begin their lessons at 9:10am, others may have free time during the morning hours.
Regardless of the teaching schedules, your child is missing important time in the classroom with
continued tardiness.

Absenteeism: Excessive absenteeism may jeopardize funding and your continued participation in the program.

Missing 3 or more days each month is considered excessive.

Monthly VPK attendance sheets will be displayed on the last school day of each month and must be signed for attendance verification.