A Teacher and Assistant in
Every Room!

All classrooms are well staffed with the Teacher and Assistant Teacher at all times.

Small class sizes allow us to operate provide excellent  teacher:student ratios, beyond those set by The Department of Children and Families. 

We experience very low staff turnover, allowing our staff members to truly understand the needs of our families and their children. 

2021-2022 Staff

Director: Wendy Davis

Class Teacher Assistant
Twos M/W Jennifer Doscher  
Twos T/Th Tiffany Langford Jennifer Minnick
Threes 3 Day Melissa Klyce Tiffany Halvorson
Threes 5 Day Sheila Dalton-Crews Sue Opgenorth
VPK 3 Day A Lily Frets Jennifer Jenkins
VPK 3 Day B Kim Bertsch Sue Emerson
VPK 3 Day C Ani Rosario Liz Quinn
VPK 5 Day  Amanda Salisbury Jill Kestner
Kinder Gym Melissa Klyce  
Music Garine Adams  
Admin Jamie Bryant  
Web Site Vita Mazzaluna